The Launching of "THE BOLT"

The Bolt

The First ever Indian Brand to come up with a "Tattoo Machine", evolving technology into a more systematic form, making it absolutely classy and unique.Today, with its market spreading all over the world, the Bolt is gradually multiplying in volumes by its sale growing up just within a few months.

We have designed the device with complete care and minute detailing for our customers. Cultured as an Indian product our belief immensely lies in being democratic in nature and maintaining a smooth relation between both the poles.


Each frame is precision machined from a solid block of brass, having a dye casted frame, gold plated and polished for a mirror finish and extra shine. This tattoo machine runs like a dream.

Features slotted front contact hole for maximum adjustment, high resolution coils, new maxi-grip quick change device., very smooth, powerful tattooing action, perfect for colour, shading and lining.

We have tuned The Bolt to operate on a wide range of voltages in order to accommodate a variety of skin types, tattooing styles and needle configurations.

Each Bolt is individually numbered and registered to the original owner and comes with a Mad Inkers certificate of authenticity.

Machine Parts:

  • Coils: 10 Wrap High Quality Standard Coils
  • Front Spring: Spring 0.016
  • Back Spring: Spring 0.018
  • Capacitor: 47uF